Arm Machine Learning - Intro to ArmNN

  • Delivery method: Virtual Classroom (Private)

  • Location: WebEx

  • Course Length: 1/2 Day

  • Technology Focus: Software

  • Cost: Contact us for pricing

  • Provider: Arm



At the end of this course, delegates will be able to

  • Describe the Arm Machine Leaning SW architecture
  • Explain the structure of ArmNN
  • Build and use ArmNN


Some background knowledge about Machine Learning.


Engineers who are working on Machine Learning projects and plan to use ArmNN in their projects.


2 hours


Introduction and ArmNN Courses

  • Machine Learning Introduction
    • What is Machine Leaning?
    • Arm ML SW Architecture
    • ML Support in Mali GPUs
  • ArmNN
    • Introduction
    • How to Build
    • Structure
    • Model Builder Simple Example
    • How to Run a Caffe Model
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