Arm Mali Display - D77 System Design

  • Delivery method: Face-to-face (Private)

  • Location: Any location

  • Course Length: 1 day

  • Technology Focus: Combined Hardware and Software

  • Provider: Arm



This training course covers the issues involved in designing systems using Arm's Mali-D77 Display engine


  • A basic understanding of embedded microprocessor systems
  • Familiarity with the display framework, interfaces and controller is an advantage
  • Knowledge of Arm system-on-chip architectures is helpful but not essential


This course is relevant to those who are developing SoC's incorporating Arm's Mali Display acceleration technology and the software engineers developing software systems or applications to make best use of this technology


1 day face to face or 2 x 1/2 day Virtual Classroom


  • Mali Display Processor Overview
  • Mali Display Processor Hardware Architecture
  • Mali Display Processor Hardware Integration
  • Mali Display Processor Software Architecture
  • Mali Display Processor DDK Integration
  • Mali Display Processor HW Implementation

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