Arm Mali Graphics Software Development

  • Delivery method: Face-to-face (Private)

  • Location: Any location

  • Course Length: 2 to 3 days

  • Technology Focus: Software

  • Cost: Contact us for pricing.

  • Provider: Arm



Arm Mali Graphics software training courses are designed to help engineers working on new or existing Mali Graphic system designs. Whether you’re working on integration, debugging, or optimization for a Mali Graphic system, the course can be configured according to your team’s needs

Courses include fundamental topics to enable a solid platform of understanding. The rest of the course then builds on from this with optional topics and can be tailored appropriately.

Learning activities such as interactive workbooks, walkthrough examples and quizzes are incorporated into the training to help bring the learning to life.

A pre course call with the engineer delivering the training will help you discuss your team’s individual training requirements.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe different Mali Graphic processors features and their use
  • Explain how 3D Graphics are rendered using the Graphics Processor
  • Integrate Mali Drivers into Linux and Android
  • Identify and solve key Mali system design issues
  • Optimise Application performance on Mali Graphic Processors
  • Debug issues on Mali Graphic platforms

Course Length

Delivery Method


2 – 3 days


Virtual or Onsite


This course is relevant to the software engineers developing software systems or applications to make best use of Arm's Mali graphics acceleration technology.


  • A basic understanding of embedded microprocessor systems
  • Familiarity with 3D graphics, GPU compute and multimedia are an advantage
  • Knowledge of ARM system-on-chip architectures is helpful but not essential

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Agendas will be created from the following list of fundamental and optional topics

Fundamental Topic

  • Introduction to Arm Mali Online Training ♥
  • Introduction to 3D Graphics
  • Mali GPU Driver Architecture
  • Mali GPU Driver Integration for Linux
  • Mali GPU Driver Integration for Android
  • Mali Developer Tools Overview
  • Mali Application Performance Optimization
  • Mali GPU Debugging strategy

Optional Additional Topics

  • Mali GPU Compute
  • Mali GPU Vulkan Introduction

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