Arm System IP - NIC

  • Delivery method: Virtual Classroom (Private)

  • Location: Any location

  • Course Length: 1/2 Day

  • Technology Focus: Hardware

  • Cost: Contact us for pricing

  • Provider: Arm



At the end of this course, delegates will be able to

  • Understand the structure of an AXI interface
  • Understand the AXI transaction flow and related ordering rules
  • Understand potential for deadlocks in an AXI interconnect
  • Configure and integrate a NIC-400 implementation based on address map and system requirements
  • Interpret transactions being received and propagated by the NIC-400 in the system


A basic knowledge of interconnect design challenges. System integration knowledge.


Engineers who work in a SOC project and take charge of the NIC-400 definition and integration. Also, engineers who are in charge of NIC-400 bring-up or full-SOC verification.


5 hours



  • AXI protocol description
  • Designing/configuring an AXI interconnect: configuration choice and system-level challenges
  • NIC-400 IP HW overview

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