Armv7-A Software Development

  • Delivery method: Face-to-face (Private)

  • Location: Any location.

  • Course Length: 3 days

  • Technology Focus: Software

  • Cost: Contact us for pricing.

  • Related products: A-profile, Processor Architecture, Cortex-A15, Cortex-A17, Cortex-A5, Cortex-A7, Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9

  • Provider: Arm



This training course covers the issues involved in developing software for platforms powered by Arm Cortex A5, A7, A8, A9, A15 and A17 Armv7-A processors.


  • Basic understanding of Armv7-A exception model (unless taking day 0)
  • Experience with Arm assembler and C programming
  • Experience of embedded system development is helpful but not essential
  • Introduction to Arm online training (included)
  • Armv7-A Overview (included)


This course is aimed at software developers writing low level and bare-metal code for Armv7-A processors.


3+ days


Pre-course Online Training

  • Introduction to Arm
  • Armv7-A Overview

Day 1-3

  • Introduction to the Arm Architecture
  • Caches and Branch Prediction
  • Using the MMU
  • TrustZone
  • Synchronization
  • Programming the GIC
  • GIC Workbook
  • Cortex-A Power Management
  • Cache Coherency
  • OS Support
  • Barriers
  • Multi-Cluster
  • Debug
  • PMU Workbook
  • Writing C for Arm
  • NEON Overview
  • Virtualization
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