Mali Camera IQ Tuning

  • Delivery method: Face-to-face (Private)

  • Location: Any location.

  • Course Length: 4 days

  • Technology Focus: Combined Hardware and Software

  • Cost: Contact us for pricing.

  • Provider: Arm



At the end of this course, delegates will be able to

  • Describe the tuning procedure and how long the tuning takes
  • Explain the IQ metrics and how the image quality relates to the end performance of camera
  • State what modes are supported
  • Calibrate and tune to achieve uncompromised camera performance
  • Describe the specific WDR tuning and debug skills required


  • Basic camera knowledge
  • Related IQ tuning experience is a plus
  • Intro to Mali Camera – online training


Engineers who focus on or interest in IQ tuning and image quality in a camera system.


4 days

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Image Quality Courses

  • IQ_Pipeline_and_tuning_procedure_Introduction
  • IQ_Image_quality_metrics
  • IQ_HW_overview_and_functional_modes
  • IQ_Driver_and_API_overview
  • IQ_ISP_tuning
  • IQ_Specifics_to_WDR_tuning
  • IQ_Specifics_to_RGBIr_tuning
  • IQ_Tuning_Hands_on

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