The Armv7-A Architecture

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This course has been designed to introduce the Armv7-A architecture. 

At the end of this course you will be able to explain the key features of the Armv7-A exception model, including the different levels of privilege and Security states.

You will be able to recognise A32 and T32 assembler instructions, and be able to map assembler generate by a compiler back to the original higher-level language input.

You will understand the basic of the Armv7-A memory model, including the different memory types and how virtual addresses are mapped to physical addresses.

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  • Familiarity embedded programming in C and assembler
  • Experience of embedded system development is an advantage


This course is aimed at people seeking an introduction to the Armv7-A architecture.  It provides an overview of the subject, suitable for people without prior experience of working with Arm processors, but who do have a general familiarity with embedded programming or design.

Delivery method:

  • Online


1 hour

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