TrustZone for ARMv8-M Overview

  • Delivery method: Virtual Classroom (Public)

  • Location: Asia

  • Date: November 28 - 29, 2016

  • Course Length: 4 hours

  • Technology Focus: Software

  • Cost: Contact us for pricing

  • Related products: ARMv8-M, TrustZone

  • Provider: Arm



This course is designed for software engineers who already have development experience on ARMv6-M and/or ARMv7-M platforms and wish to gain experience of the TrustZone Security Extension introduced in ARMv8-M. It begins by covering the basic architectural features of ARMv8-M and continues to cover features provided by the new Security Extension.


Thorough knowledge of ARMv6-M and/or ARMv7-M
Familiarity embedded programming in C and assembler
Experience of embedded system development


Software engineers needing to gain knowledge of the new feature of ARMv8-M including the TrustZone for ARMv8-M security extension.


4 hours


Architectural Overview:

  • Sub-profiles and ISA changes from ARMv6-M/ARMv7-M
  • ARMv8-M Memory Architecture
  • Exception and Privilege Model
  • Memory Protection
  • Debug Features and Authentication


TrustZone Basics:

  • Secure Memory Configuration
  • Communication Between Security States


TrustZone Continued:

  • Security of Exceptions and Interrupts
  • TrustZone Support in the Toolchain

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