DesignStart chip board

DAPLink board for Digilent Arty S7/A7

This board can be used to provide DAP-Link debug access to the Digilent Arty-A7 and Digilent Arty-S7 FPGA evaluation platforms.

You can use this board for Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and UART access to any design built on this board. The board also includes 8 MB flash which can be accessed over QSPI by the FPGA. This board connects to the FPGA board using the inner rows of expansion headers, leaving the other shield expansion free to stack additional boards above the V2C-DAPLink.


  • DAPLink USB device with Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
  • CMSIS-DAP software debug
  • UART debug with nSRST support
  • Drag and Drop programming when used with a suitable FPGA image
  • Dedicated QSPI flash (can be used for code image)
  • Micro-SD card for application use (SPI mode only)

This board can be used with the DesignStart FPGA images for the Arty-A7 and Arty-S7 boards.