Platform specifications

The LogicTile Express 20MG is the recommended choice for FPGA expansion with the Juno Arm Development Platform. Uses for the LogicTile Express 20MG include:

  • Prototyping and validation of custom ASIC IP alongside an Arm processor in silicon in Juno
  • Base hardware for a Soft Macro Models (SMM)
  LogicTile Express 20MG
LogicTile name (short) V2F-1XV7 or LTE-20MG
Part number V2F-1XV7-0313A
PCB number HBI-0247
Datasheet Download the LogicTile Express datasheet
Manuals LogicTile Express 20MG Technical Reference Manual
FPGA Family Virtex 7
FPGA XC7V2000T / XC7V2000T-CES
SDRAM 4GB DDR3 SODIMM (included)
Programmable Clocks 6
User Switches 8 DIP switches
User LEDs 9
PCIe connectivity 4 Rx/Tx lanes up, 4 Rx/Tx lanes down
SATA connectors Host + Device, 2×Rx/Tx lanes each
HSSTP connector N/A
Further upward IO 440 single-ended signals (HDRX/Y)
Stackable with other LTE Yes, up to 8 LTE-20MG boards
Power supply From motherboard + 12V DC PCIe
Expansion boards HDMI IO board