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7.4. EEPROM menu

Enter EEPROM at the main menu to switch to the EEPROM submenu. The contents of the motherboard and daughterboard EEPROMs identify the specific board variant and might contain data to load to the other devices on the board.

You must not modify the EEPROM values that are programmed in production.

Table 7.4 shows the EEPROM commands.

Table 7.4. EEPROM commands
CONFIG [0/1/2][position] filenameWrites configuration file to EEPROM
READCF [0/1/2][position]Read configuration EEPROM
ERASECON[0/1/2][position]Erase configuration section of EEPROM
ERASEDEV[0/1/2][position]Erase device section of EEPROM
WRITEBOARD[1/2][position]Write board configuration file to EEPROM
READBOARD [1/2][position]Read board configuration file from EEPROM
READRANGE [0/1/2][position][start][end]Read EEPROM between start and end
ERASERANGE[0/1/2][position][start][end]Erase EEPROM between start and end
READIMAGESRead images stored in Motherboard EEPROM
ERASEIMAGESErase images stored in Motherboard EEPROM
ERASEIMAGE[image_id]Erase image stored in Motherboard EEPROM
EXIT or QUITReturn to main menu
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