The use of FPGA technology enables us to provide boards containing fully functional, tested examples of the newest Arm processors before any hard silicon devices are available from a foundry.

It is usual for an SMM to be constructed from one or more LogicTile Express boards. A SODIMM memory module is generally included, to provide the system SDRAM since this is not on the motherboard.

An SMM behaves like a Versatile Express CoreTile, which allows it to be mounted on the V2M-P1 motherboard for use as an off-the-shelf development system. PLLs in the FPGA are used to give the highest possible CPU speed for an FPGA implementation. As it is a drop in replacement for a CoreTile Express board, only a single set of off-board AMBA AXI buses are implemented.

SMMs are available in the Versatile Express range for the following Arm processors:

SMM Express for Cortex-R5 SMM Express for Cortex-R7
SMM name (short) SMM-R5 SMM-R7
Part number V2S-CR5-1000A V2S-CR7-1000A
PCB part number HBI-0192 HBI-217
Datasheet Datasheet   Datasheet  
Manuals User Guide User Guide
Processor type Cortex-R5 Cortex-R7
Num CPUs, Speed Dual, 50MHz Dual, 40MHz
Processor Revision r1p2 r0p0
Coprocessors FPU FPU
Hardware required V2F-1XV5 V2F-2XV6
L1 Cache I/D 64KB/64KB 16KB/16KB
L2 Cache N/A N/A
TCM I/D 64KB x 2, per CPU 64KB x 2, per CPU
Memory speed 50MHz 125MHz
Bus Type AXI AXI
Int Bus Freq 50MHz 40MHz
Ext Bus Freq 25MHz (M), 35MHz (S) N/A
Supported baseboard V2M-P1 V2M-P1

Tools support for Versatile Express

Arm Development Studio
Arm Development Studio fully supports all Arm processors and IP as well as a wide range of third-party tools, operating systems and EDA flows. Arm Development Studio represents a comprehensive range of software tools to create, debug and optimize systems built on Versatile Express boards.

DS-5 Debugger
Arm Development Studio incorporates DS-5 Debugger, the powerful and intuitive graphical environment enables fast debugging of bare-metal, Linux and Android native applications. DS-5 Debugger provides pre-defined configurations for LogicTile Express boards, for a quick and convenient way to start software development.

Streamline performance analyzer simplifies the identification of hot spots in software and load balancing between cores and clusters with a brilliantly intuitive graphical display.