IoT Test Chips and Boards

Arm create a range of boards, which are built around Arm-developed test chips. These boards enable easier development or evaluation of the Arm IP in real-life conditions. The Arm powered IoT test chips are based on subsystem IP, which offer a foundation for your future designs.

Some use cases for these IoT boards include:

  • Simplified integration of Arm TrustZone security technology for software developers, by getting a realistic Armv8-M development platform (Musca only)
  • Improved understanding of the trade-offs and performance of the IP, inside the SoC for hardware designers
  • SoC architects can use the test chips as reference for their future products
  • Product companies could these IoT boards to make progress on software before the final silicon is available
  • Partners can use them to demonstrate complementary IP in a system context

Three boards containing Arm IoT test chips are currently available:

The development board image of the Musca-B1 test chip.

Musca-B Test Chip

The Musca-B1 test chip board is an evaluation platform to develop PSA-ready IoT Subsystems for Cortex-M, based on the Armv8-M architecture. It is built on the PSA principles and introduces additional security features, such as CryptoIsland and eFlash.

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Musca-S1 Test Chip Board

Musca-S1 Test Chip

The Musca-S1 test chip board architecture integrates the recommendations of PSA using the same subsystem as Musca-A, but with the addition of dual embedded MagnetoResistive Random Access Memory (eMRAM) and SRAM on-chip secure memory subsystems. Musca-S1 is PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Functional API certified.

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Beetle 3 Medium Circuit Board.

Beetle IoT Evaluation Platform

The Arm Beetle Evaluation Platform is a board that is based on the Arm CoreLink SSE-100 Subsystem, which features the Arm Cortex-M3 processor. This is a great example of a design containing embedded Flash, a cache and Bluetooth radio.

Use the Mbed OS software framework to build IoT applications.

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