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Getting security right in IoT requires a number of different elements, from a Root-of-Trust to a complete set of security features (e.g. isolation, encryption, authentication, secure provisioning, over-the-air update, device monitoring and many more). Designing this from scratch is time-consuming and increasingly more complex. Therefore, starting from a strong foundation makes designing security into your products much easier.  

The Musca-A test chip is here not only to demonstrate Arm IP (allowing evaluation for SoC designers), but also to provide a reference implementation that can be reused in SoC products.

Musca-A is also a software development platform. Arm even uses it to develop the PSA trusted firmware, making it very easy to port to any device built on the same architecture. Developing secure software is now easier: Musca-A is your PSA development platform!

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In addition to these blocks, the test chip contains peripheral IP from Cadence, like QSPI, PWM, I2C or I2S. It is manufactured in TSMC 40ULP technology.

The test chip features Arm TrustZone technology and is designed to match the requirement of efficient IoT nodes, making it a good model for system development.

The architecture of the test chip complies with the recommendations of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) – it is the development platform of choice for secure devices for IoT. This system has already been tried and tested by the internal Arm software teams and the Arm partners, to build software and tools around the Armv8-M architecture.

Key features

Reference system using TrustZone for Armv8-M

The subsystem architecture at the heart of the Musca-A test chip, is used by all the ecosystem surrounding the new Armv8-M processors. It expands the Arm TrustZone isolation outside of the processor, throughout the system.


Dual asymmetric Cortex-M33 for performance/power dynamic tuning

Having a fast processor active all the time is not efficient for power consumption. The flexible processing architecture of the subsystem at the heart of the Musca-A test chip allows a great level of flexibility. It ensures that performance is available when you need it, but doesn’t consume energy when you don’t need it.


Embedded security with TrustZone CryptoCell

Isolation is the secret to get secure systems. In addition to a Root-of-Trust, the Arm CryptoCell IP brings an additional level of security for key handling, lifecycle management, encryption, authentication and many other crypto services.


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The development platform of choice for secure IoT devices.

Musca-A is a test chip, provided on a compact board, that demonstrates how to, and helps product designers implement secure IoT solutions. Key benefits include: