Are you working on a project that requires safety certification?

Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa is a qualified toolchain optimized for Arm processors to help developing safety-critical applications simpler and faster.

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Arm Compiler for Embedded (formerly known as Arm Compiler) provides the earliest, most complete, and most accurate support for the latest architectural features and extensions of the Arm architecture. Arm Compiler for Embedded supports all the latest Arm Cortex, Neoverse, and SecurCore processors, including cores that are in development.

Arm Compiler for Embedded is a mature toolchain that is tailored to the development of bare-metal software, firmware, and Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) applications. Arm Compiler for Embedded is used by leading companies in a wide variety of industries, including automotive (ISO 26262), consumer electronics, industrial (IEC 61508), medical (IEC 62304), networking, railway (EN 50128), storage, and telecommunications. For HPC and scientific applications, see the Linux user-space C/C++ Compiler and Linux user-space Fortran compiler.

The Arm Compiler for Embedded includes many powerful space-saving and performance-enhancing optimization techniques, including low-level microarchitecture-specific instruction scheduling, unused section elimination, and aggressive Link-Time Optimization (LTO).


  • armclang:
    • Is built on modern LLVM and Clang technology
    • Supports GNU syntax assembly
    • Is highly compatible with source code originally written for GCC
    • Implements specifications including ANSI/ISO C and C++, ABI for the Arm architecture, ABI for the 64-bit Arm architecture, and Arm C Language Extensions (ACLE)

  • armlink: Feature-rich dedicated embedded linker that combines objects and libraries to produce an executable

  • Arm C libraries: Optimized by Arm for performance and code density, and include the tiny MicroLib for deeply embedded applications.

  • Arm C++ libraries: Libraries based on the LLVM libc++ project

  • fromelf: Image conversion utility and disassembler

  • armar: Archiver that enables sets of object files to be collected together


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Use cases

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Develop efficient software

From low-cost, memory-constrained embedded systems to high-end complex heterogeneous systems, Arm Compiler for Embedded is optimized for a range of embedded workloads, with performance and code density that can be tuned for your specific target application.

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Verify system design

Developed in collaboration with Arm processor and architecture projects, Arm Compiler for Embedded is the ideal toolchain for verifying your design. Arm Compiler for Embedded provides the earliest, most complete, and most accurate support for the latest Arm cores and architectural extensions.

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Explore Arm architecture features

Selecting the right Arm IP is one of the most important decisions for your SoC design. Combined with Arm Flexible Access, Arm Compiler for Embedded lets you evaluate which Arm solution best suits your application and market requirements.

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Build safety-critical code

Developing complex safety-related applications can be challenging and time-consuming. Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa and the Arm Certified C Library have been endorsed by TÜV SÜD for use in safety development to the most demanding Safety Integrity Levels (SIL), accelerating your certification process.

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Develop for secure systems

Some critical systems, like Secure firmware, have specific security requirements. Arm Compiler for Embedded lets you generate execute-only code, and securely interface between Secure and Non-secure software in systems that implement TrustZone for  Armv8-M.

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