Arm Compiler for Embedded 6.17 Documentation

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Arm Compiler for Embedded enables you to build applications for the Arm family of processors from C, C++, or assembly language source. Arm Compiler for Embedded 6 supports Armv6-M, and all Armv7 and Armv8 architectures. The compiler is based on LLVM and Clang technology. LLVM is a set of open-source components that allow the implementation of optimizing compiler frameworks. Clang is a compiler front end for LLVM, providing support for the C and C++ programming languages.

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Document Number Document Title Description
100748 User Guide Provides information to help you get started with using Arm Compiler for Embedded 6, and provides examples to help you develop code with Arm Compiler for Embedded 6.
101754 Reference Guide Provides information to help you use Arm Compiler for Embedded, and the individual tools armclang, armlink, armar, fromelf, and the legacy assembler armasm. Arm Compiler for Embedded is an optimizing C and C++ compiler that compiles Standard C and C++ source code into machine code for Arm architecture-based processors.
100068 Migration and Compatibility Guide Provides information to help you migrate your toolchain from Arm Compiler 5 to Arm Compiler for Embedded 6.
100073 Arm C and C++ Libraries and Floating-Point Support User Guide Provides information about the Arm libraries and floating-point support.
100074 Errors and Warnings Reference Guide
Provides lists of the errors and warnings that each of the tools in Arm Compiler for Embedded can generate. It does not include errors and warnings produced by armclang.
100076 Instruction Set Assembly Guide for Armv7 and earlier Arm architectures Provides information on the A32 and T32 instruction sets, including Advanced SIMD and floating-point instructions.