Arm Compiler

Arm’s industry reference C/C++ compilation tool optimized for efficiency on Arm architecture-based devices. Improve performance, create smaller code with Arm Compiler.

  • For a wide range of embedded workloads
  • Code optimization for bare-metal and embedded (RT)OS applications
  • Best-in-class code density
  • Cross compatibility with ecosystem partners

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Functional safety Arm Compiler

A comprehensive safety package for the Arm Compiler C/C++ toolchain to accelerate the building of safety critical code and simplify TÜV SÜD certification process.


A bug representing debugging.

Arm Debugger

A debugger for the complexity of modern SoCs

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A system that enables powerful operations.

Keil µVision Debugger

Microcontroller debugger with streaming trace

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Debug Probes

A range of debug probes support JTAG and Serial Wire Debug connections whether it’s for high-speed serial trace in a deeply embedded system or simpler microcontroller debugging.

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Streamline Performance Analyzer

A single view of performance for your entire system. This easy interpret visualization helps to analyse where all the time has been spent whether it is on CPU, GPU or NPU.

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Mali Graphics Debugger Professional

Debug and optimize graphics content by finding and fixing defect and performance issues.

  • Advanced API tracing for OpenGL ES, Vulkan and OpenCL
  • Multiple vendor GPU support
  • Automated capture on the target
  • Scripting support for customer analysis on target
  • Full trace replay

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Graphics development tools

A wide range of tools to develop, analyze and optimize graphics applications and content on Mali GPU-based systems.


Virtual Prototyping

Modeling tools to start early software development ahead of silicon availability. There is a wide range of virtual platforms to choose from such the pre-built Fixed Virtual Platform which is included in Development Studio or connections to the instruction-accurate Fast Models, cycle-accurate Cycle Models and external virtual platforms

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