Are you working on a project that requires safety certification?

Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa is a qualified toolchain optimized for Arm processors to help developing safety-critical applications simpler and faster.

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Maximize the potential of your Arm-based design

With a heritage of outstanding performance, Arm Compiler for Embedded enables the development of highly efficient products that utilize all the features of Arm Cortex processors and architectures, from Armv6-M to Armv8-A 64-bit Arm. This versatile compiler optimizes code for bare-metal and embedded (RT)OS applications.

Arm Compiler for Embedded is available within Arm Development Studio, including the dedicated microcontroller-specialist toolkit Keil MDK. The safety-qualified compiler for Cortex-M devices is included in Keil MDK Professional, as part of Development Studio Gold and Silver editions. Finally, for ultimate compatibility with previous generations, Development Studio licenses also enable previous versions of Arm compilation tools, such as Arm Compiler 5 and RVCT.

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Note: Arm Compiler for Embedded can be evaluated from the command-line once the Development Studio IDE has been installed.

Faster run-time

Real world performance

Arm Compiler for Embedded has been optimized for a wide range of embedded workloads, as well as for a single benchmark. This is a result of our continuous investment in the compiler.

Space saving code

Code size that outperforms

Arm Compiler for Embedded leads the way for code size. The tiny Arm C Microlib, armlink linker and best-in-class code density work hand-in-hand to let you fit (a lot) more code into small footprints.


Safety ready

For functional safety applications, the TÜV SÜD certification process can be simplified with the additional safety package for Arm Compiler for Embedded.

Cross Compatibility

Compatibility with a host of eco-system partners gives you the ultimate in flexibility, including the ability to migrate code to and from GCC.

Performance improvement between AC6.6 and AC6.11

Generates faster code

By combining microarchitecture-specific instruction scheduling, finely-tuned libraries, and whole-program optimization strategies, Arm Compiler for Embedded significantly accelerates execution time across a wide variety of workloads. This is a result of continual investment in performance optimizations targeting complex real-world embedded code.

Relative code size of an RTX-5 project in Arm Compiler vs GCC

Creates smaller code

Embedded developers are always seeking the right balance between performance and code size. Through a range of powerful optimization techniques, Arm Compiler for Embedded delivers small and efficient code, particularly for Cortex-M devices.

Build safety-critical code

Customers in markets including automotive, medical, industrial and railway are using our TÜV SÜD qualified Arm Compiler for Embedded to build a wide range of safety-related applications. The Arm Compiler safety package removes the need for you to independently qualify the toolchain, accelerating the development and qualification of your safety product.

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Arm Compiler for Embedded is available as part of Arm Development Studio

Core support map

Cortex-A/R Armv8
Solid black circle
Cortex-A Armv8 (selected cores*)
Solid black circle
Cortex-A/R Armv7
Solid black circle
Solid black circle
Cortex-M Armv6/7/8
Solid black circle
Solid black circle
Solid black circle
Previous Arm architectures*
Solid black circle
Solid black circle
Solid black circle
Safety qualified Arm Compiler for Embedded
Solid black circle

*See the full list here

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