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Debug and optimize graphics content

Find and fix graphics defects and performance issues to reduce your solution’s time to market.

The standard Mali Graphics Debugger allows developers to trace OpenGL ES, Vulkan and OpenCL API calls in their application and understand frame-by-frame the effect on the application to identify possible issues. The debugger supports both Android and Linux Arm-based target platforms. In this professional edition available in the Arm Developer Studio, the additional features below enable more comprehensive debugging and analysis for silicon, OS and embedded product launch.

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Hardware Support

Support for multiple vendor GPUS

Supports any Arm based platform running either Linux or Android and provides a single tool for optimizing and debugging across your mobile graphics content.

Identify anomalies

Automated capture on target

Enables users to capture data directly on the target automatically for integration into your existing build system. Identify performance deterioration or when graphics anomalies occur to fix these issues soon after introduction.

Python Interpreter

Scripting support for custom analysis on target

Includes a Python based interpreter giving direct access to all of the information collected by the Mali Graphics Debugger. Users can therefore customize analysis inside the tool and automate results using the full functionality of Python.

Multiple Devices

Full Trace Replay

Replay content from one device directly on another with no modifications. This allows content to easily be added to regression systems to see if new versions of the hardware render content in the same way. It also allows content to be tested easily on many different devices at the same time.

Per frame hardware counters

When evaluating graphics, you want to identify which Frame is causing problems as quickly as possible. If you are running a Mali based device with the latest driver, the Mali Graphics Debugger will present hardware counters by Frame. This shows you exactly what resource is needed to produce each Frame and which Frame is the most expensive.



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