Microcontroller debugging with streaming trace

Providing the debugging functionality for the Keil MDK software tool suite, the µVision Debugger is a single environment for testing, verifying and optimizing application code.

In addition to responsive run-control debug, it enables the use of data trace and non-intrusive instruction trace providing debug and system optimization. As well as supporting many third-party debug adapters, when it is paired with a ULINK probe, it provides streaming instruction trace, power measurement functionality, and data trace.

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Arm Keil Studio Cloud is the first component of the next generation Keil development tool suite that is currently available as an open beta release. It provides a cloud-hosted platform with direct Git integration for enabling distributed teams, collaborative development and modern CI workflows for rapid IoT device development.

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Component Viewer in Keil uVision Debugger

Component Viewer and Event Recorder

Using only memory reads and writes, the Component Viewer and Event Recorder provide information on software components that are in variables, structures, or other objects. They also display the execution status and event information of software components. Keil MDK-Middleware and several real-time operating systems contain event annotations – the Event Recorder allows you to analyze and understand the operation of these software blocks quickly.

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Event statistics in Keil uVision Debugger

Event Statistics

Shows statistical data of the code execution. When used in conjunction with any debug adapter, it records execution timing and the number of calls for annotated code sections. When paired with the ULINKplus debug adapter, developers can profile energy use across annotated code, which is especially useful when improving the power profile of battery-driven devices. 

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Data event trace in Keil uVision Debugger

Data and Event trace

Analyze data and event trace information on all Cortex-M3/M4/M7/M23/M33 based devices. While your system is running you can track interrupts and exceptions. It also enables printf-style debug messages transmitted through the Instrumented Trace Macrocell (ITM).

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Instruction trace in Keil uVision Debugger

Instruction Trace

When using the µVision® Debugger alongside ULINKpro debug probe, you can stream instruction trace directly to your PC, which enables debugging of historical sequences, execution profiling, performance optimization, and code coverage analysis which is required for safety-critical applications. This is made possible by the Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM), which is incorporated in many Cortex-M3/M4/M7/M33 based devices.

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Using the Event Recorder to identify timing and power consumption bottlenecks

Learn how to annotate your application code with events that provide detailed statistics about execution timing and energy consumption.

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