Power optimization made simple

When paired with Streamline, the Arm Energy Probe provides a simple and elegant solution for software optimization targeting energy efficiency. Measure real power consumption, correlate it with software execution and make your code as efficient as the processor it's running on.

ARM Energy Probe



  • Software and power correlation

    See at a glance how your software affects your system's power consumption.

  • Easy setup, low-cost solution

    No dependency on debug or trace probes for Linux kernel-based systems.

  • Up to three measurement channels

    Measure power, voltage, and current at different points in your system.



Software is ultimately responsible for energy efficiency

We are very proud of our leading position in processor energy efficiency. However, it's easy to lose that advantage with only a few lines of software, which can turn optimized hardware into an energy sink.

With Streamline and the Energy Probe, you can correlate over a timeline all your software execution activity with power, voltage and current measurement from up to three points on your board. The intuitive graphical user interface allows you to quickly spot and attribute any unintended behavior to the right piece of code. This includes visualizing the processor's dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) status to fine-tune your power management governor.

Power measurement in the hands of  software developers

The Energy Probe has been specifically designed with software developers in mind. Its easy setup and low cost make it ideal to be incorporated into the workflow of all software developers. 

The probe does not require adding any debug or trace hardware to analyze Linux or Android systems. Measurement channels acquire the voltage drop across sense resistors on the target board and send to the host via USB 2.0. The synchronization of Energy Probe and target data is done on the PC using DSP algorithms that correlate CPU power consumption with load.

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Parameter Value
Number of measurement channels 3
Voltage measurement
Current measurement
Power measurement
Energy consumption visualization
Maximum voltage 15V
Maximum Vsense voltage  165mV
Maximum error (for 20mV < Vsense < 165mV) ±5%
ADC resolution 10 bit
Sampling rate 10kHz
Host connection USB 2.0
Required DS-5 version 5.9 or newer