Performance analysis and software development in a virtual environment

Arm's modeling tools make it easy to analyze system-level performance and start early software development without a physical target.

Virtual platforms are ideal for system-level performance optimization and software development before, during and after hardware design and manufacture. Models are easier to reconfigure, deploy and debug than hardware targets, leading to shorter development cycles and faster time to market.

Whether analyzing system-level performance with Cycle Models or developing software with Fast Models, Development Studio provides debug control and visibility of the software running on the virtual prototype without the need for a physical target. To help get started faster, Development Studio includes a library of reference Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) along with pre-built examples. 

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Fast Models

Fast and functionally accurate programmer’s view models of Arm IP

  • Software development enabled without requiring a physical target
  • Early software development prior to silicon availability
  • Source-level debug via virtual connection to models
  • Scripting interface supports automation and continuous integration flows
  • Standard interfaces support integration with 3rd party IP models
  • Model debug supported by all Development Studio editions

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Cycle Models

100% cycle accurate models of Arm IP

  • Models based on compiled RTL, resulting in complete cycle accuracy
  • Optimize performance using accurate information
  • Develop bare-metal software and low-level firmware requiring determinism
  • Model instrumentation enables system-level visibility and debug
  • Model debug supported by all Development Studio editions

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Fixed Virtual Platforms

Accurate, ready-to-run models

  • Ready-to-use, pre-configured, fast and functionally accurate simulation platform
  • Complete system simulation, including processor, memory and peripherals
  • Fully debuggable and automatable
  • Supports bare-metal and OS-level development, including Linux examples
  • Included in every Development Studio Edition

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How to Optimize Timing-Critical Embedded Systems Using Accurate Virtual Prototypes

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