CoreSight Access Tool for SoC600 (CSAT600) provides access to Arm Debug Interface Architecture Specification ADIv6.0 or CoreSight SoC-600 targets. The CSAT600 tool is used to interact with CoreSight SoC-600 targets at a CoreSight architecture level. This level of interaction is useful when trying to debug target behavior at a low debug architectural level.

This user guide provides information on how to use the CSAT600 tool, and how the CSAT600 tool commands compare to the commands in the original CSAT tool. The guide also explains what CSAT600 tool commands are available and how to use them, and provides examples demonstrating common CSAT600 tool use cases.

Before you begin

To use the CSAT600 tool, you need:

The CSAT600 tool differs from the original CoreSight Access Tool (CSAT). This is because CSAT only works with Arm Debug Interface Architecture Specification ADIv5.2 or earlier CoreSight targets. Wherever possible, the command syntax of the CSAT600 tool mimics the command syntax of CSAT.