Command comparison between CSAT600 and CSAT

CSAT600 and CSAT use the same command names and formats where possible. The following table shows the command differences between CSAT600 and CSAT.

Note: <device no> used in CSAT600 has the same meaning as <devid> used in CSAT.

CSAT600 Command
CSAT Command
  chain (chn) [dev= device_name1,...,device_nameN | dev=auto] [clk=<freqHz> | clk=A] chain (chn) [dev=auto | dev=? |dev=DEVICE_NAME{,DEVICE_NAME}*] [clk=<FreqHz> | clk=A] CSAT600 does not allow the dev=? to display the current setup of the scan chain.
connect (con) [<probe type>:]TCP:<hostname> | TCP:<ip address> | USB [config file] connect (con) TCP:<hostname> | TCP:<ip address> | USB | USB:<serial_no>  CSAT600 does not allow connecting to USB using the serial number of a debug probe. CSAT does not allow specifying a <probe type> or a <config file> or (SDF).
devopen (dvo, device) <device no> devopen (dvo) <devid>
 CSAT does not allow using the device command alias.
exit (x)
exit  CSAT does not allow using the x command alias.
help (h)
trace help CSAT lists the available trace functions. CSAT does not have an equivalent help command that lists all functions available. CSAT600 prints a list of all available commands.

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