Connecting to new or custom Hardware

Like DS-5, Arm Development Studio provides a method to add new hardware target configurations for connection and debug purposes.  Arm Development Studio provides a different way to add hardware configurations to the configuration database.  In DS-5, hardware configurations were added using a separate perspective, Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).  In Arm Development Studio, adding a hardware configuration is part of the new Hardware Connection wizard.

Add a hardware configuration:

  1. Click the New Debug Connection icon in the Debug Control view, in the View Menu listing of the Debug Control view, or at the top of the Development Studio perspective and select Hardware Connection.
  2. Enter a connection name in the Debug connection name field.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Add a new platform....


    If it is not already present, a configuration database, ExtensionDB, is created automatically to store the new hardware configuration.
  5. Select the appropriate debug adapter connection in the Connection Type drop-down list.
    The Debug Adapter Connection view automatically discovers any debug adapters of the selected type. Unlike DS-5, Arm Development Studio can use ULINK devices for autodetection purposes.
    If the debug adapter is not discovered, enter the debug adapter connection information in the Connection Address field.

  6. Click Next.
    The hardware target autodetection process starts to create a platform configuration for the attached target.
      You may be prompted to update the debug adapter firmware before the autodetection process begins. The debug adapter firmware update process is the same as it is for DS-5.
  7. When the autodetection process completes, choose the type of platform configuration to create.


    To exit the Hardware Connection wizard and enter Arm Development Studio's Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) perspective, select the Edit Platform in Arm DS Platform Configuration Editor option. Arm Development Studio's PCE functions the same as DS-5's  PCE.

    Select either the Save a Debug-only Arm DS Platform Configuration or Save a Debug and Trace Arm DS Platform Configuration options to continue using the Hardware Connection wizard. This route is taken for this activity.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter the target information into the Platform fields.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Select the new hardware configuration in the Hardware Connection Target Selection view.

  12. Click Finish.

The new hardware target configuration appears in the Edit Configuration view.

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