Connecting to new or custom Models

Like DS-5, Arm Development Studio provides a method to add new model configurations for connection and debug purposes.  The Arm Development Studio provides a different way to add model configurations to the configuration database.  In DS-5, model configurations are added using a separate perspective, Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).  Arm Development Studio makes adding a model configuration part of the new Model Connection wizard.

Add a model configuration:

  1. Click the New Debug Connection icon in the Debug Control view, in the View Menu listing of the Debug Control view, or at the top of the Development Studio perspective and select Model Connection.
  2. Enter a connection name in the Debug connection name field.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Add a new model....

  5. There are two model connection methods available: Launch and connect to specific model and Browse for model running on local host.


    These are the same model connecting methods provided by DS-5. The Browse for model running on local host method is selected for illustrative purposes.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Browse for the model by clicking Browse....

  8. Click Finish.
    If it is not already present, a configuration database, ExtensionDB, is created automatically to store the new model configuration.
    A new Model configuration appears in the Model Connection Target Selection view.

  9. Click Finish.

The new model configuration appears in the Edit Configuration view.

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