Creating a new Hardware Connection

Arm Development Studio provides a method to connect to and debug hardware targets.  Unlike DS-5, Arm Development Studio provides connection via CMSIS Packs as well as Configuration Database platform configurations.

Arm Development Studio adds a new Hardware Connection wizard to help you create connections to hardware targets. This activity describes how to connect to a hardware target with the new Hardware Connection wizard using a CMSIS Pack. Adding a new configuration database hardware platform using the same wizard is described later.

Establish a Hardware Connection:

  1. Click the New Debug Connection icon in the Debug Control view, in the View Menu listing of the Debug Control view, or at the top of the Development Studio perspective and select Hardware Connection.
    Note: The New Debug Connection icon only appears in the Debug Control view if no launch configurations have been used.

    New Debug Connection option in hamburger menu 

    The Hardware Connection wizard can also be opened by selecting File > New > Hardware Connection.
  2. Enter a connection name in the Debug connection name field.
    Note: A new Hardware connection can be associated with an existing project by ticking Associate debug connection with an existing project and selecting a project from the list provided.  This option is not used in this activity.

  3. Click Next.
  4. Select a hardware target to connect to from the available list.
    Note: The Location entry of the selected target tells you whether the device support comes from a CMSIS Pack or a Configuration Database (configdb).

  5. Click Finish.
    Note: If the selected target uses a CMSIS Pack that has not been installed, the below dialog appears. Confirm the pack installation by clicking OK.


If the device support for the selected target comes from a Configuration Database, the Hardware Connection wizard opens an Arm Development Studio Edit Configuration view which functions the same as the DS-5 Debug Configurations view.

If the device support for the selected target comes from a CMSIS Pack, the Arm Development Studio Edit Configuration view is different from the DS-5 Debug Configurations view.  The activity sets up and makes a connection to a target using this version of the Edit Configuration view.


Setup and connect to a target using the Edit Configuration view:

  1. In the Connection tab:
    1. Select a debug adapter from the Connection Type drop-down list.
    2. Select a debug connection method (JTAG or SWD) from the Debug Port drop-down list.
    3. Enter a connection address for the debug adapter or browse for the debug adapter; click Browse....
    4. Click Target Configuration... to set the trace connection options.
      Note: If the CMSIS-Pack does not contain trace information, Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) autodetection runs to determine the trace devices and topology.  Once autodetect is complete, the Arm Development Studio Debug and Trace Services Layer (DTSL) Configuration view has the same function as DS-5's DTSL Configuration view.
  2. In the Advanced tab:
    1. If appropriate, add an image file to download to the target; click Add an image under File Settings.
    2. Select the appropriate Run Control, Select and reset, Reset control, and Scripts options.
  3. In the Flash tab, if appropriate, add a flash programming algorithm to the connection by clicking Add a flash programming algorithm under Programming Algorithms.
    Note: A flash programming algorithm might already be present if the CMSIS Pack includes one.
  4. In the OS Awareness tab, if appropriate, select an OS from the Select OS awareness drop-down list.
  5. In the Connection tab, click Apply and then click Debug.

The debug connection status appears in the Debug Control view and the created launch configuration appears in the Project Explorer view.

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