Creating a new Linux Application Connection

Like DS-5, Arm Development Studio provides a method to connect to and debug Linux applications using gdbserver.  Arm Development Studio adds a new Linux Application Connection wizard to help you create connections to a Linux application running on a target. This activity describes how to connect to a Linux application using the new Linux Application Connection wizard.

Establish a Linux Application Connection:

  1. Click the New Debug Connection icon in the Debug Control view, in the View Menu listing of the Debug Control view, or at the top of the Development Studio perspective and select Linux Application Connection.
    Note: The New Debug Connection icon only appears in the Debug Control view if no launch configurations have been used.



    The Linux Application Connection wizard can also be opened by selecting File > New > Linux Application Connection.
  2. Enter a connection name in the Debug connection name field.
    Note: A new Linux Application connection can be associated with an existing project by ticking Associate debug connection with an existing project and selecting a project from the list provided.  This option is not used in this activity.

  3. Click Finish.

The Arm Development Studio Edit Configuration view provides the same functions as the DS-5 Debug Configurations view. The main difference is that the Arm Development Studio Edit Configuration view only shows the Linux Application Debug options under the Connection Select target field.

The remaining steps to establish the Linux Application Connection are the same as they are in DS-5.

The created launch configuration appears in the Project Explorer view.

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