This section covers miscellaneous small differences between DS-5 and Arm Development Studio.

  • The Linaro GCC 4.8-2014.04 [arm-linux-gnueabihf] compiler is not supplied.
    The old Linaro Linux GCC 4.8 previously supplied in DS-5 has been removed from Arm Development Studio.  To use GCC (Linux or bare-metal) within Arm Development Studio, download the version you require from e.g. Linaro or Arm Developer, then add it as a toolchain (see Register a compiler toolchain).
  • The Arm Development Studio IDE executable in the installation's bin directory is armds_ide.  In DS-5, the IDE executable is eclipse.
  • Arm Development Studio's default Run control option is Connect only in the Edit Configuration view's Debugger tab.  DS-5's default Run control option is Debug from symbol set to main.
  • The command-line debugger is renamed from debugger in DS-5 to armdbg in Arm Development Studio.
  • Unlike DS-5, the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) is integrated into the new Arm Development Studio Connection Wizard (see Connecting to new or custom Hardware).  In DS-5, PCE is a separate “Configuration” perspective.
  • Ensure Properties > C/C++ Build > Environment > Append variables to native environment is selected for any project.  If Replace native environment with specified one is selected instead, the project might not build successfully.