Analyzing an example Streamline report with Arm DS

Learn how to import, re-analyze, and then explore the XaoS example report included in Streamline. The report was generated running the XaoS example included in Arm Development Studio (Arm DS).

Introduction Import the Linux example project Import the Streamline example report Re-analyze the report Exploring the example report Add the missing source code Example - How to analyze the Streamline capture Add the project path to Streamline locations

Add the project path to Streamline locations

If you generate and save your own Streamline reports in a project, you must include the location of the reports. You must indicate the path to the folders with the captures you want to analyze, so Streamline can find the captures in your file system.

As an example, in case you created and saved reports in your Xaos project:

  1. In Streamline, click Window > Preferences.
  2. To add or remove locations where Streamline analysis data can be found, select Data Locations.
  3. Click New and select the Streamline folder with captures within the xaos project folder in your workspace. Then click Apply and close.
  4. Your captures are now listed in the Streamline Data view.