Analyzing an example Streamline report with Arm DS

Learn how to import, re-analyze, and then explore the XaoS example report included in Streamline. The report was generated running the XaoS example included in Arm Development Studio (Arm DS).

Introduction Import the Linux example project Import the Streamline example report Re-analyze the report Exploring the example report Add the missing source code Example - How to analyze the Streamline capture Add the project path to Streamline locations

Re-analyze the report

The Linux - TC2 - Xaos capture is listed in the Streamline Data view. Notice that the vertical bar at the left of the capture (in the list of captures) is yellow, meaning it must be re-analyzed.

Importing Streamline sample capture

Why do I have to re-analyze the report?:
Since the report was generated with a different version of Arm DS, you must re-analyze it in to update it.
In the Analyze dialog box, you can load extra program images. These images can be useful for gaining a more comprehensive idea of system execution, or alternatively, for focusing on one particular program. Streamline loads debug symbols if available.

To open the Analyze dialog, double-click on the Streamline capture. In the Program Images tab, select the ELF images xaos and Then click Analyze. Re-analyzing the capture might take some time.
Adding program images to Streamline Analyze dialog

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