Arm Debugger Manual Configuration Tutorial

Tutorial on how to manually configure a platform configuration using Arm Development Studio's Platform Configuration Editor (PCE)

Overview Understanding CoreSight Understanding a target's debug and trace infrastructure Set up the platform configuration manually Manually configuring a platform configuration for debug Manually configuring a platform configuration for trace


The aim of this workbook is to manually create a platform configuration for a given target with Arm Development Studio’s Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).

For the majority of targets, you can create a platform configuration automatically by performing target auto-detection with PCE.  This means that manually configuring a target from start to finish is rarely required.

However, manually configuring a target can help you understand:

  • The information required to create a platform configuration.
  • How a platform configuration is created.
  • Which CoreSight devices are associated with debug and trace.
  • How and why CoreSight devices are connected together.
  • Important settings for the CoreSight devices.

To complete this tutorial, you require:

  • An Arm Development Studio installation of version 2019.0 or later.
  • Have a basic understanding of Arm system debug and trace.