Arm Debugger Manual Configuration Tutorial

Tutorial on how to manually configure a platform configuration using Arm Development Studio's Platform Configuration Editor (PCE)

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Set up the platform configuration manually

In this section, we show how to open PCE in the Arm Development Studio IDE.  At the end of this section, you will be ready to manually create a platform configuration.

Platform configurations are stored in a configuration database (configDB).  We enter PCE by right-clicking on a configDB displayed in the Project Explorer view. 

Go to Create a platform configuration section if you have a configDB you have created or a configDB called ExtensionDB listed in the Project Explorer view.

Continue with the Create a configDB section if you do not have a configDB to work with.

Create a configDB

  1. Launch Arm Development Studio IDE and select File > New > Other… .

    Using File menu to add a configDB

  2. Select Configuration Database > Configuration Database.

    Creating a new configDB

  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter a Database Name and click Finish.

In the Project Explorer view, a configDB with the name you choose appears.

Image of a created configDB in the Project Explorer view

Create a platform configuration

Using a configDB, create a platform configuration.

  1. In the Project Explorer, right-click on the configDB and select New > Platform Configuration.

    Creating a new platform configuration

  2. Select Advanced platform detection or manual creation.

    Create a platform configuration using manually configuration

  3. Click Next.


  4. Enter the platform information and click Finish.

A system description file (SDF) opens.  The SDF is set up with the platform information you provided.  To view the hierarchy of the platform configuration, in the Project Explorer view, expand the configDB.

Image of a created platform configuration SDF file

We are now ready to add our target’s information to our new platform configuration.


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