Debugging Armv8 platforms with CSAT

Tutorial on performing low-level debug of Armv8 platforms with CSAT as shipped with Arm Development Studio (Arm DS).

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This tutorial gives an overview of performing low-level debug using the CoreSight Access Tool (CSAT) with an Armv8 target. Low-level debug allows you to:

  • Manipulate individual registers, including Debug registers that are not normally accessible to an application-level debugger.
  • Perform functions such as halting and restarting the core, setting breakpoints, and watchpoints, and reading the ROM Table.

CSAT only supports CoreSight SoC-400 targets. If you are using a CoreSight SoC-600 target, use CoreSight Access Tool for SoC600 (CSAT600) instead.

CSAT is included in installations of Arm Development Studio (Arm DS).