How PCE identifies the CoreSight components on the target board

A tutorial describing the PCE process and common PCE issues

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Arm SoC debug and trace

Arm CoreSight is a collection of components that can be used to debug and trace an Arm SoC. Arm has CoreSight SoC-400 and CoreSight SoC-600 solution for debug and trace of complex SoCs. CoreSight SoC-400 is an Arm debug interface architecture v5(ADIv5) compliance system and CoreSight SoC-600 is an Arm debug interface architecture v6(ADIv6) compliance system.

CoreSight-400 and CoreSight-600 provide components to build and validate the debug and trace elements of an SoC built with ARM processors. The components are grouped into categories for controlling and accessing components, trace sources, trace links, trace sinks, and timestamp.

 To provide effective debug and trace support for an SoC, the debugger needs to know:

  • The devices that are present in the SoC (including the type and configuration details of each device, and connection details such as CoreSight base address).
  • How these devices relate or connect to each other (their topology).

The below diagram shows a standard Arm Development Studio (Arm DS) debug and trace connection.


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