How PCE identifies the CoreSight components on the target board

A tutorial describing the PCE process and common PCE issues

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How is PCE useful

Arm DS supports some platforms by default.  For platforms Arm DS does not support out-of-the-box, you can use the Platform Editor Configuration(PCE) and the Debug and Trace Service Layer (DTSL) to enable debug connection to virtually any platform which uses supported Arm processors.

The PCE in Arm DS can auto-detect most of the debug and trace information on a platform.  However, in some scenarios, the debugger fails to detect certain platform features. The information detected by Arm DS might be incomplete or corrupted, or information might be missing because of:

  1. Parts of the SoC are powered down.
  2. Devices inside the SoC might interfere with detecting topology.

PCE uses different auto-detection mechanisms for systems based on ADIv5 and ADIv6. This document walks you through the auto-detection process of two Arm reference designs to show you how PCE discovers devices and their topology.

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