1. This tutorial assumes that you have installed an Arm DS and acquired the license to use it. If not, use the Getting Started with Arm DS tutorial to install DS and acquire a license.
2. This example is intended to be built with Linaro arm-linux-gnueabihf GCC. If you wish to modify and rebuild the example, you must have Linaro arm-linux-gnueabihf GCC installed. Linaro arm-linux-gnueabihf GCC is not supplied with Development Studio, but can be downloaded from the Linaro web-site (see link).

Creating a Simple Hello World Linux Application using C

To create a Linux application using C in Arm DS:

  1. Create a new C project and use the GCC toolchain.
  2. Set up the GCC toolchain compiler and linker options to build with the appropriate settings for Arm Embedded Linux running on a Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) model.
  3. Create a source file and build it to create an application.
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