This guide describes how to integrate the ASCET-DEVELOPER development flow with Arm Development Studio.

A brand-new automobile might contain more than 100 million lines of code in the software that controls its various systems, from engine management to atmospheric control. This amount of code will only increase as automobiles become more complex The increase in complexity of systems has led to widespread use of model-based control development tools, generating safety standard conforming, portable source code.

ETAS GmbH, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, are a provider of development solutions for the automotive industry and related sectors. One of their product offerings is ASCET-DEVELOPER, a code generation tool which uses this type of model-based process. ASCET-DEVELOPER generates MISRA-C compatible application code, for use with the RTA-OS operating system.

Arm Development Studio is a comprehensive embedded C/C++ development solution for all Arm processors. Arm Development Studio includes the Arm Compiler, a mature toolchain tailored to bare-metal, firmware, and RTOS based applications. Arm Compiler for Functional Safety is a qualified C/C++ toolchain that has been assessed by the safety-accredited certification body TÜV SÜD. The qualified toolchain is suitable for developing embedded software for safety markets, including automotive, industrial, medical, railways and aviation.

The purpose of the integration is to provide a simple, iterative flow as control applications are developed and debugged. Optimization techniques are explored to tune the generated code to make use of the latest features of the Arm architecture.

This guide is intended for automotive or similar developers who are interested in a model-based software development flow. The tools described in this guide are Arm Development Studio and ETAS ASCET-DEVELOPER. However, content may be relevant to users of other tools, notably Keil MDK.

Before you begin

To work through this guide, you need to download and install the latest versions of Arm Development Studio and ASCET-DEVELOPER. The Arm and ASCET-DEVELOPER websites include basic installation and setup instructions. A valid software license is required for the tools to execute.

Arm Development Studio is supplied with the latest available version of the Arm Compiler at the time of release. If you want to use a different compiler version, for example Arm Compiler for Functional Safety, you can add this through the Preferences pane. For more information, see Add new compiler toolchains to Arm Development Studio.

System initialization is highly device specific. CMSIS Packs provide initialization code, often with complete example projects, for many microcontrollers. If you are using a microcontroller that allows this, you can import the necessary packs from the CMSIS Pack Manager perspective of Arm Development Studio. To import generic initialization examples for Arm processors:

  1. Navigate to the Development Studio Eclipse IDE.
  2. In the menu option, navigate to File > Import.

When you have created your Development Studio project, configure your ASCET-DEVELOPER project to generate code directly into the project folder. In the ASCET-DEVELOPER project properties:

  1. Navigate to Run > Run Configurations > Generate results into a folder.
  2. In the Folder field, specify the location of the project folder to generate to.