Next steps

In this guide we have shown how developers can use ASCET-DEVELOPER model-based design tool to generate standards compliant source code for complex control algorithms. You can tune your design to enable the Arm Compiler from Arm Development Studio to build this code in an optimal manner for your Arm-based target.  The Eclipse IDE provides a common environment, supporting third-party plugins for version control and other functionality. If you are new to either ASCET-DEVELOPER or Arm Development Studio, free evaluation licenses are available from ETAS and Arm respectively.

The process of developing code for automotive systems is at a turning point. Creating high safety integrity systems for ISO26262 or IEC61508 does not require a complex process, it requires a clean process with good traceability from end to end. Where possible as much of the process should be contained within one application.

Arm Development Studio, providing a FuSa qualified compiler, Eclipse based IDE allowing the use of the various version management and other plugins, and integrated debug support, coupled with model based graphical coding with ASCET-DEVELOPER, is on the path to such a process.