Getting Started with the UltraScale+ and Arm DS

Overview Set up the ZCU102 Set up the Ultra96 Running Code Next steps


This guide contains all the steps you need to connect to, and get code running on the Xilinx UltraScale+, and 96 Boards Ultra96 targets using Arm Development Studio (Arm DS). However, before you start it would be useful to have familiarity with creating and building projects in Arm DS. See the Arm DS User guide, and Arm DS Getting started guide for more information.


To complete this guide you will need:

  • A Xilinx UltraScale+, or 96 Boards Ultra96 development board.
  • Arm DS.
  • One of the DSTREAM family, ULINKpro, or ULINKpro D debug probes.

This guide was tested on the UltraScale+ ZCU102 revision 1.1 development board, and the Ultra96 development board using Arm DS 2019.0 and a DSTREAM probe. 

For more information on the target boards, see the Xilinx manual for the UltraScale+ ZCU102, or the 96 Boards manual for the Ultra96 board.