Getting Started with the UltraScale+ and Arm DS

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Set up the Ultra96

  1. Connect the DSTREAM or ULINK to J2. You will need to modify an Arm 20 pin JTAG connector, with the following information:
    Ultra96 (J2) Arm JTAG 20 
    1. Vcc 1. VTREF
    2. GND 4,6,8,10,12. GND 
    3.TCK 9. TCK
    4. TMS 7. TMS
    5. TDI 5. TDI
    6. PS_SRT_B NC
    7. TDO 13. TDO
    All grounds need to be connected together. Pin 1 is nearest the power connector.
  2. Connect a micro USB to the USB UART port J8. The serial config options are 115K 8N1.
  3. Connect 12V Power Supply.

It is possible to boot the target in different modes, boot from an SD card, JTAG boot mode or USB. If you have a linux kernel image you would like to use, you can load that on a SD card and boot from it. If you would like to flash your own image into RAM you can boot in JTAG mode. 

Please note the V2 version of the board has 8 pins. The 8th pin doesn't need to be connected.

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