Use Streamline to Optimize Applications for Mali GPUs

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Further Reading

Mali Blogs

Since Streamline is used frequently in our own development processes, you can find plenty of blogs on the Arm Connected Community, giving you an insight into Mali driver development.

Macro-scale Pipelining

Pete Harris, our lead performance engineer for the Mali OpenGL ES driver team, has put together an additional guide for debugging issues related to macro-scale pipelining.

Cocos2d-x Engine Optimization

Learn about using Streamline to optimize the popular Cocos2d-x game engine.

Profiling Epic Citadel

For greater than 1080p resolutions, optimizing your games and applications is more important than ever. Mali GPU Tools product manager, Lorenzo Dal Col, has written a guide to profiling the Epic Citadel demo, with lots of practical advice and simple calculations to identify areas of high GPU usage.

Setup information for using Streamline with the Google Nexus 10 (used in the Epic Citadel example) can be found here.

Graphics Developer guide

Learn about using Graphics techniques to Graphics Developer guide.

Mali GPU optimization guide

Learn about optimization using Mali GPU optimization guide.