Using the ELA-500 with Arm DS

A tutorial showing how to use the CoreSight ELA-500 with Arm Development Studio (Arm DS) to debug a real-world deadlock scenario

Introduction Before you begin Importing the ELA-500 DTSL use case scripts Configuring the ELA-500 use case scripts Running the ELA use case scripts Capturing the ELA trace data Analyzing the ELA trace capture

Before you begin

Arm DS ships with use case scripts to allow Arm DS to configure and use the ELA-500.

You must have the following before you begin using the ELA-500 with Arm DS:

  • A target with an CoreSight ELA-500 implemented.
  • An Arm DS platform configuration for the board.
    • In the platform configuration, you must name the CoreSight ELA-500 device as ELA-500.
  • A JSON signal-mapping file listing the signals coming into the ELA-500 Signal Groups.
    • To run the Decode trace data script, name the JSON file for the ELA example_ela_connection.json.
    • The example_ela_connection.json JSON file must be available in the DTSLELA-500 project directory.

Further information about using the ELA-500 with Arm DS is available in the "Embedded Logic Analyzer (ELA)" section of the Arm Development Studio User Guide.

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