Getting an ELA platform configuration

To work with the DTSLELA-600 use case scripts, you must have an Arm DS platform configuration containing the following:

  • At least one ELA-600
  • If you want to capture trace data over the ATB:
    • All the trace components linked to the ELA-600
    • All the component connections between the ELA-600 and its trace sink
  • If the ELA-600 is using CTIs, add all the CTIs and CTI connections

For the Cortex-A55 + ELA-600 + CCI-500 example board, there is a platform configuration with all the necessary items already included in the DTSLELA-600 project. The following are screenshots of the platform configuration SDF file, ELA600.sdf, with the necessary components and connections outlined in red:

Note: Arm DS does not support connecting an ELA-600 to a CTI.

SDF file Device Table list SDF file Component Connections list

Note: All the Arm DS DTSL ELA-600 use case scripts assume the ELA-600 is named “CSELA600” in the platform configuration SDF file. To use your platform configuration with the Arm DS use case scripts, you either must:

  • In the SDF file, change the ELA-600 component Device Name to “CSELA600”. Save the change with File > Save.
    SDF File Device Name change
  • Manually configure the ELA-600 device name field for each use case script to the Device Name specified in the SDF file. Save the use case script changes by clicking Apply and OK. As an example of one of the scripts to change, the following shows the ELA-600 device name field in the – Configure ELA use case script.
    Use case script ELA-600 device name change
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