Setting up the DTSL options

To work with the DTSLELA-600 use case scripts, as part of the debug connection, you must set up the Arm DS Debugger Debug and Trace Services Layer (DTSL) Configuration view. This tutorial uses a bare-metal debug hardware connection to the platform configuration included with the DTSLELA-600 project.

To learn how to create a debug configuration for your board, read the "Configuring debug connections in Arm Debugger" section of the Arm Development Studio User Guide.

Once you have a debug connection, open the DTSL Configuration view by doing the following:

  1. If the Edit Configuration or Debug Configurations… view is not open, go to Run > Debug Configurations... .
  2. In the debug connection Connection tab, if the Connections > Bare Metal Debug > Connection field is empty, manually enter the USB or TCP/IP information or Browse… for your debug probe.
  3. In the Connection tab, next to DTSL Options, click Edit... .

Your ELA-600 implementation can have one of three following trace data collection options:

  • No trace data collection available.
  • Capturing trace data to the Trace SRAM.
  • Outputting trace data to the ATB for collection by a trace sink like an ETB, ETF, ETR, or TPIU.

If you are not capturing ELA-600 trace data to the ATB, only enable the ELA-600 in the DTSL Configuration view. If you do want to capture the trace data to the ATB, setup the trace components connected to the ELA-600 in the DTSL Configuration view.

For the Cortex-A55 + ELA-600 + CCI-500 system, we do the following DTSL Configuration view setup:

  1. To enable the ELA-600, in the ELA tab, tick Enable CSELA600 trace.

    DTSL enable ELA

  2. To enable trace data capture to the ETR, in the Trace Capture tab, set Trace capture method to System Memory Trace Buffer (ETR/ETR).

    DTSL enable Trace Capture

  3. To set up the ETR, in the ETR tab:
    1. Tick Configure the system trace memory buffer to be used by the ETR/ETR device.
    2. Set Start address to the start address of the ETR memory.
    3. Set Size in bytes to the size in bytes of the ETR memory space.

      DTSL enable ETR

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