Troubleshooting DSTREAM-PT Trace

Troubleshooting problems encountered when capturing DSTREAM-PT trace

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When using DSTREAM-PT with Arm Development Studio 2019.0 or later, you may find that:

  • The trace buffer is not filling.
  • No trace data is displayed in the Trace view.
  • There is a "<corrupted message>" in the Trace view.
  • There is some trace data displayed in the Trace view, but there is also a "<corrupted message>" entry as well.
Unlike other units in the DSTREAM family of products, DSTREAM-PT has a feature called a Real-time Trace Monitor (RTM). The RTM tries to calibrate the trace data lines to improve the chances of collecting reliable trace data.  Very occasionally,  the RTM is not able to collect enough trace data or is unable to get a lock onto the trace signals in order to do the calibration. When this occurs, you might not see the trace buffer fill, there might be no trace data displayed, or the trace data might be partially or entirely corrupted. This KBA is here to help you figure out if the RTM might be causing this behavior and tell you what to do if it is.