Troubleshooting DSTREAM-PT Trace

Troubleshooting problems encountered when capturing DSTREAM-PT trace

Introduction Troubleshooting Steps Platform Configuration RTM Log Analysis Check 1 Check 2 Check 3 Manual delay setting Results Example RTM Log

Check 1

Look for trace data signal stuck at '1' or stuck at '0' faults

The RTM_P_EDGE and RTM_N_EDGE vectors in the RTM log indicate whether both a positive and negative edge was detected.  Both of these vectors should have a single bit set for each active trace data signal to indicate that both a positive and negative edge was found.   For example, if your trace port width is 16 bits then both RTM_P_EDGE and RTM_N_EDGE should equal 0x0000ffff in the RTM log.

  1. Check RTM_P_EDGE and RTM_N_EDGE from the RTM log.
    • If the values of the RTM_P_EDGE and RTM_N_EDGE vectors match the trace port width, go to Check 2.
    • If bit(s) are not set for RTM_P_EDGE or RTM_N_EDGE, then this might indicate that the corresponding trace data signal(s) are stuck at ‘1’ or stuck at ‘0’.  You will need to consult your board designer or check the trace data signals manually with an oscilloscope to see whether this is true before performing another trace capture attempt with the DSTREAM-PT.
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