Troubleshooting DSTREAM-PT Trace

Troubleshooting problems encountered when capturing DSTREAM-PT trace

Introduction Troubleshooting Steps Platform Configuration RTM Log Analysis Check 1 Check 2 Check 3 Manual delay setting Results Example RTM Log


If you have completed all the checks and steps above, you should now see valid, un-corrupted trace data in the Arm Development Studio Trace view.

If there is not an RTM lock not achieved message in the RTM advanced log, or if you get the same results in the Trace view after performing all the above contact your Arm tools support team because further investigation will be necessary. If you have a Support and Maintenance agreement with Arm you can contact their Technical Support team here.

The files you will need to provide to the support team are:

  • The original platform configuration's .sdf, .rcf, or .rvc file.
  • All the modified platform configuration .sdf, .rcf, or .rvc files.
  • All the dbghw_log_client log files.
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