Troubleshooting DSTREAM-PT Trace

Troubleshooting problems encountered when capturing DSTREAM-PT trace

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RTM Log Analysis

Now the extra configuration items have been added for the DSTREAM-PT, we can now obtain the extra logging required for analyzing the output of the RTM.

  1. Open a command prompt to the Arm Development Studio bin directory (<Arm Development Studio installation directory>\bin).
  2. In the command prompt, run:
    • For a DSTREAM-PT USB connection:
      dbghw_log_client USB > <writable path>\log.txt
    • For a DSTREAM-PT TCP connection:
      dbghw_log_client TCP:<DSTREAM-PT IP address> > <writable path>\log.txt
      The above command will run the dgbhw_log_client utility and have it save any generated output to log.txt.
      Note: You may need administrator permissions to run the dbghw_log_client utility.
  3. If you are currently connected to the target with Arm Development Studio, disconnect and then re-connect to the target.
  4. Perform the trace capture again.
  5. After trace has been captured, type Ctrl-C into the command prompt running the dbghw_log_client utility to stop the utility.
  6. Open the log.txt file generated by the dbghw_log_client utility.

    Note: If the log.txt file only contains one line of text, RTM information will not be output, as trace capture has stopped before 1 second has elapsed., then the RTM was unable to generate logging information because there was not enough trace data generated by the board.  You should go back to step 4 and perform the trace capture again for a longer period of time (i.e. more than 1 second) and until this message on longer appears.

  7. Look for a RTM lock not achieved message.
    • If there is an RTM lock not achieved message, continue going through this tutorial.
    • If there is not an RTM lock not achieved message, go to Results.

Now three checks are performed to determine possible reasons for the RTM lock not achieved message.

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