Troubleshooting DSTREAM-PT Trace

Troubleshooting problems encountered when capturing DSTREAM-PT trace

Introduction Troubleshooting Steps Platform Configuration RTM Log Analysis Check 1 Check 2 Check 3 Manual delay setting Results Example RTM Log

Troubleshooting Steps

The RTM has an advanced logging feature, which when enabled, gives more information about the RTM's findings.  If appropriate, the log information can be used to manually configure different aspects of the trace capture process. 

The below steps go through:

  1. Enabling the RTM advanced logging feature in the platform configuration.

  2. Capturing and analyzing the RTM logging information.

  3. Checking the trace signals for:
    • Stuck at ‘0’ or ‘1’ faults.
    • A stable trace clock frequency.
    • The correct trace clock alignment.
  4. Potentially, setting the new trace data signal delay values.

  5. Determining the results and any next steps.

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